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Skin Tightening with Radio Frequency Skin Tightening with Radio Frequency in San Ramon, CA

Skin Tightening with Pulsed LightWe all age, and the skin loses its elasticity and begins to relax. Skin tightening with Juvashape™ offers a non-invasive procedure that can safely and painlessly tighten loose skin. Without damaging the outer layers of the skin, the radiofrequency heats the deeper layers or dermis and tightens the collagen. There are no visible areas of the skin to heal and there is no downtime. The collagen will tighten and smooth the skin over a period of weeks up to two months. The treatments can be repeated without any damage to the skin. While the radiofrequency will not replace surgical procedures for removing loose skin, it offers an intermediate step for patients who are just starting to get loose skin or are not ready for a more invasive procedure. The skin tightening treatment can be used on the face, neck, arms, abdomen, and legs.

Dr. Place is a board-certified plastic surgeon located in San Ramon, California, who is very skilled and has a vast amount of experience with the non-surgical skin tightening procedure.

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From the moment you enter the office, the staff at Dr. Place’s office make you feel so comfortable and welcome. Meeting Dr. Place for the first time in a non exam room setting is best thing that ever happened to me. The warm, caring explanation of options is equally the best quality I am looking for when deciding where I want to go for Plastic Surgery procedures. My friend’s referral was absolutely correct that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

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How Does Skin Tightening with Radio Frequency Work?

Skin tightening with radiof requency, or RF, energy addresses lax skin through heat therapy. RF heat energy reaches the deeper layers of the skin, or dermis, where collagen and elastin production happen. Collagen and elastic are proteins responsible for repairing and building connective tissues and retaining moisture in the skin.

Once RF energy heats the fibroblasts—specialized cells responsible for collagen synthesis and elastogenesis—collagen and elastin are produced at a faster rate. This achieves tighter, smoother, and younger-looking skin.

The heat of the RF energy also breaks down the fat cells without affecting the surrounding muscle or skin. This process is called lipolysis. The broken-down fat is eventually eliminated by the body.

Am I a Good Candidate for Skin Tightening with Radio Frequency?

The best candidates for Juvashape body contouring are healthy individuals who want to reduce excess fat and achieve tighter and smoother skin without going under the knife.

While Juvashape is helpful for fat reduction, remember that it is not a shortcut to losing weight. Fat reduction with radio frequency is highly recommended for people who have tried an active lifestyle but are still not seeing their desired appearance goals.

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  • “ Everyone is so helpful and kind from the staff to the nurses and especially Dr. Place herself. I love the wonderful environment and all the services offered. Not once did I feel any discomfort or pain. I trust this place for all my cosmetic services and highly recommend to anyone! ”

    - NS

  • “ The ladies working the front desk are Amazing and is so is Dr. Place. She gives 100% attention to details and lessons to your thoughts & concerts. I would definitely recommend Dr, Place to friends. Thank you Dr, Place ”

    - MT

  • “ I have been seeing Dr. Place for a number of years. She is really an artist and knows how to get the best looking results with Botox and fillers. I have seen other cosmetic doctors and no one is even close. She and her staff are super helpful and explain everything clearly. Apart from her artistry, Dr. Place seems like an extremely competent physician. ”

    - HT

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