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Forehead LiftBoard-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Place has helped many patients rejuvenate their facial appearance with forehead lift surgery in San Ramon. Dr. Place is a facial plastic surgery expert who frequently performs this transformative procedure to smooth forehead wrinkles, tighten skin, and restore the eyebrows to a more aesthetic, youthful position.

What Is a Forehead Lift?

The forehead lift or browlift is a procedure designed to rejuvenate the forehead and elevate drooping eyebrows. When the eyebrows drop low enough to cause a sad or tired look to the face, elevating the brows back to their correct position will rejuvenate and brighten the upper face.

Am I a Candidate for a Forehead Lift?

Healthy adults who are unhappy with the appearance of the brow due to sagging tissue, asymmetry, and/or wrinkles may be good candidates for forehead lift surgery. After reviewing your medical history and performing an examination of your facial structure and tissues, Dr. Place can develop a customized treatment approach for you.

The forehead lift is a surgical procedure intended to treat advanced signs of aging that do not respond to less invasive cosmetic treatments. Younger patients with early signs of aging in the upper face are typically better candidates for non-surgical interventions.

The majority of forehead lift patients are between the ages of 40-65. Patients who develop deep creases and skin laxity in the brow area earlier in life due to genetics and/or lifestyle choices can also be good candidates for this procedure.

While a forehead lift can provide some improvement in the upper eyelid area, patients with significant drooping in the upper eyelids may be candidates for a combination procedure. Forehead lift surgery is frequently paired with eyelid lift surgery to provide comprehensive, natural-looking improvements.

Forehead Lift Procedure: What to Expect

Dr. Place provides highly customized forehead lifts that are tailored to the unique anatomy and desired outcome of each patient. Before your surgery, she will walk you through the specifics of your forehead lift procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Several procedures can be used depending on the amount of drooping a patient has. The minimally invasive or endoscopic forehead lift uses small incisions in the hair and a camera device to perform the surgery without large incisions. The brows can be lifted and the frown muscles diminished through these incisions with minimal downtime. Surgery time is about 2 hours under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Depending on the amount of bruising and swelling, the average downtime is about a week. If there is a significant amount of loose skin or more extensive rejuvenation is needed an open forehead lift can be performed with an incision hidden in the hairline

How Much Does Forehead Lift Cost?

The overall cost of an Forehead Lift is affected by anesthesia fees, hospital fees, post-surgery garments, and medications. Price is also impacted by medical tests, surgeon’s fees, and the exact techniques employed.

Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Place’s expertise and experience ensure that she provides the best forehead lift surgery in San Ramon. To find out if a forehead lift is the best way to achieve your aesthetic goals, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Place.

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