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Scar Management Scar Management in San Ramon, CA

Scars are a natural consequence of healing but genetics, skin type and individual differences can change how a person heals. All surgeries will create scars, but we can influence how noticeable the scars will be. Early intervention can produce the best results. Sun protection is the key for early scars, appropriate activity restrictions and dressings and products like Silagen can reduce the appearance of scars. Silagen is a silicone gel that has been shown to prevent abnormal scarring and to reduce the thickness and redness of scars.

Laser treatments with the diolite laser can reduce the color of the scars even in scars older than a year that have a darker pigment. Erbium laser treatments can reduce the thickness of existing scars. In some instances, revising the scar surgically is the best option and, in most cases, this can be done under local anesthesia in the office. In cases of keloids, surgical excision and radiation therapy has been the only effective method to prevent recurrence of a keloid scar.

Types of Scars and Their Treatment

Scars may come from injuries or previous procedures, and there are various treatments available for each scar type:

  • Early Scars – Silagen (silicone gel)
  • Dark Colored Scars – Diolite Laser
  • Thick or Raised Scars – Erbium Laser Treatment
  • Contracture Scars (scars from burns) – Surgical Scar Revision
  • Keloids – Surgical Excision and Radiation Therapy

There are many more types of scars, each with their own customized treatment plans. Acne scars, for example, are treated depending on the type of acne scar and how long it has been present. Dr. Place will create an assessment and treatment program for your scar during a consultation.

Am I a Good Candidate for Scar Management?

The best candidates for a scar management treatment are healthy individuals who want to reduce the appearance of their scars. Scar treatment candidates must also have realistic expectations—scars are permanent, but their appearance can be reduced. The scars will become less noticeable after the recommended number of treatment sessions.

Your Consultation

Your scar management consultation will involve an assessment of your scar for treatment. Dr. Place will recommend the best treatment for each scar type to make sure that significant improvement is achieved after the treatment plan. You will also discuss your complete medical history to help Dr. Place plan the best treatment program for your scar.

How to Prepare for a Scar Management Treatment

Dr. Place will provide special instructions after your assessment to help you prepare for your scar management session.

The best preparation for a scar treatment is a commitment to healthy lifestyle choices. These include quitting smoking for at least 2 weeks and drinking alcohol 48 hours before and after your appointment. Depending on your treatment plan, you may also need to take a break from medications that can delay healing.

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