Everyone has different trouble areas or parts of their body which are difficult to tone. For many people this area is the thigh and buttocks. After dramatic weigh loss, excess sagging skin can occur in the thighs, buttocks and elsewhere which can only be removed surgically. Genetics can also play a huge role in where we have difficulty losing weight. For whatever the reason, Dr. Michelle J. Place may be able to achieve the results you seek through Danville Thighplasty.

A Thighplasty, or Thigh Lift procedure, is a procedure which removes the excess hanging skin from the thigh. Often this procedure may be performed in conjunction with a Buttock Lift and/or Liposuction, which is used to removed any excess fat deposits. It is important to note that a Thighplasty procedure is not a weight loss solution, nor is liposuction. These are body contouring procedures best designed to help patients who are already in the healthy weight range.

To find out if a Thigh Lift may be right for you, contact our office and schedule your consultation with Dr. Place today.