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It’s easy to give away your age when you aren’t receiving proper skin care. Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle J. Place is highly trained and experienced in the art of skin care for San Ramon and Bay Area patients. We offer over a dozen non-surgical aesthetic rejuvenation treatments optimized for each patient’s needs.


Laser devices emit concentrated beams of light that are utilized to treat a wide variety of cosmetic concerns. These treatments can include:

  • Erbium laser gentle peel Reduce wrinkles and fine lines for a refreshed look. This procedure is designed to remove the epidermis (top layer of skin) and prompt the body to regenerate a newer, younger-looking outer surface.
  • Laser resurfacing The DEKA SMARTXIDE DOT® Advanced CO2 fractional laser device can help us provide even stronger resurfacing results on the face, neck, chest, and hands. Beyond wrinkles and fine lines, we’ll also be able to target enlarged pores, sun damage, and scars.
  • IPL Photofacial Intense pulsed light (IPL) energy is excellent for hyperpigmentation and other types of discoloration on the face.
  • Laser hair reduction Laser energy is administered deep into the follicles of unwanted body and facial hair, significantly affecting their ability to regrow hair.
  • Laser tattoo removal Our Alma™ Pico Clear system allows us to effectively remove unwanted tattoos in far fewer appointments than previous versions of this therapy.
  • Laser vein removal Unwanted, visible spider veins on the face and legs can finally be diminished with the VariLite laser device.


As we age, we may start to notice skin laxity in the form of loose or drooping skin. Radiofrequency (RF) energy can be used to stimulate the body’s production of collagen and elastin to create tighter skin.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel session involves applying a topical solution to exfoliate one or more layers of the skin to reduce discoloration, signs of aging, acne scars, and other blemishes. Chemical peel procedures enable us to treat the entire face simultaneously for uniform, consistent results.


DiamondGlow® is ideal for a deep facial clean. The device’s diamond tip is used for a thorough exfoliation, allowing impurities to be suctioned out of the pores. We’ll then apply pro-infusion serums to enhance your skin care benefits.


If you want thicker, more feminine eyelashes, Latisse® could be right for you. This solution is designed to promote longer, darker eyelashes along with new eyelash growth.

Introducing: AnteAGE MDX® Exosomes, Brightening Exosomes & Hair Exosomes

A first of its kind, AnteAGE MDX® Exosome Solution is a highly concentrated exosome treatment solution for topical use in combination with microneedling, radiofrequency, laser, and other treatments. Our groundbreaking AnteAGE MDX® Exosome Hair Solution takes hair health to the next level. Backed by rigorous scientific research and our commitment to innovation, AnteAGE MDX® ensures results. AnteAGE MDX® Exosome Brightening Solution is a groundbreaking skincare innovation that redefines the standards of brightening and rejuvenation.

Additional Products

Extending the effects of in-office skin care procedures often means adding some essential products to your at-home routine. For example, Dr. Place may prescribe Obagi® or PCA Skin® formulas that contain essential vitamins and antioxidants for continued sun damage correction and hydrated, youthful-looking skin.

How Much Do Skin Care Procedures Cost?

The cost of your skin care treatment plan will depend on which procedures you receive and the symptoms you have. Also affecting the price will be the number of sessions that need to be scheduled.

Learn More About Skin Care in San Ramon

Step one of maximizing your skin care regimen is coming in for an initial consultation with Dr. Place so she can closely examine your skin and review your medical history and allergy restrictions. From there, she can formulate the best skin care treatment plan to match your concerns. Contact our state-of-the-art skin care center in San Ramon today to schedule your consultation!


  • “ Everyone is so helpful and kind from the staff to the nurses and especially Dr. Place herself. I love the wonderful environment and all the services offered. Not once did I feel any discomfort or pain. I trust this place for all my cosmetic services and highly recommend to anyone! ”

    - NS

  • “ The ladies working the front desk are Amazing and is so is Dr. Place. She gives 100% attention to details and lessons to your thoughts & concerts. I would definitely recommend Dr, Place to friends. Thank you Dr, Place ”

    - MT

  • “ I have been seeing Dr. Place for a number of years. She is really an artist and knows how to get the best looking results with Botox and fillers. I have seen other cosmetic doctors and no one is even close. She and her staff are super helpful and explain everything clearly. Apart from her artistry, Dr. Place seems like an extremely competent physician. ”

    - HT

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