A rhinoplasty is a popular choice among men and women to reshape their nose and enhance its appearance.

Whether you get a nose job for aesthetic or medical reasons, too many people expect to see results right away. It’s important to take a step back and have realistic expectations about recovery.

Be patient and follow the tips and tricks this article offers to make the most of your recovery period.

How Can I Recover Faster?

Most patients can return to their normal lives within just a week after their procedure, but complete recovery can take longer. However, there are steps you can take to recover faster.


  • Frozen Veggies

    Eating veggies after your procedure is great but using the ice cool frozen veggie bags to wrap around your facial area can do wonders for swelling. The better you can control swelling, the faster your healing.

  • Regular Relaxing Exercise

    Walking and other light exercise improves blood circulation and keeps your sinuses chugging along, which can make it easier to breathe after a procedure and also accelerate your recovery

  • Say No To Spicy Food

    Spicy foods can irritate your nasal passages and set back your recovery. Lay off the spice for at least 3 weeks after your treatment.

  • Salt Control

    Any salt you consume increases fluid retention and aggravates the vessels in your nose which are healing. A low sodium diet for 2 weeks filled with fruits, veggies, high fiber, and lean protein is your best bet for a speedy recovery.