Many woman with larger breasts who wish to have them reduced deal with people, both men and women, who can’t understand why they would want to do that. The truth is, large breasts can cause a lot of physical strain, as well as, at times even emotional pain. Dr. Michelle J. Place has helped numerous women remedy this through Breast Reduction Surgery.

Women with larger breasts may find physical exercise very painful, shopping very difficult and feel like their larger breasts are causing them to appear larger than they are. In a Danville Breast Reduction Surgery, Dr. Place removes excess fat and breast tissue for lighter, more proportionate breasts.

Breast reduction surgery can help women feel more at ease, confident and create a better body proportion. If you feel ready to discuss your breast reduction options with a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Michelle J. Place today. We look forward to helping you along the way!