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Facelift Danville

Rejuvenating the face and neck can boost self esteem and return your facial appearance to a more rested and less sad or tired look. Facelifts have changed over the years to be less invasive and more natural in appearance. The minimally invasive “mini-facelift” has become the mainstay for facial rejuvenation with a less drastic appearance and minimal incisions. Reducing the jowl area and the loose skin under the chin and neck, downtime is reduced to 1-2 weeks rather than the traditional 2-4 weeks and the result is a more natural look.

The incisions are hidden in the ear with a limited incision behind the earlobe. Surgery time is 2 hours and the procedure is performed under a light general anesthetic in a fully accredited surgery center. The procedure is an outpatient procedure. Men are also taking advantage of looking rejuvenated and more youthful without the tight pulled look.

Some patients may require more contouring and rejuvenation of the neck and cheek area, and the traditional facelifts are still an option. Scars are minimized to hide them in the hair and in the ear while refining the lower face and the neck. Surgery time is usually 4 hours under a light general anesthetic and the procedure may or may not require an overnight stay. Downtime is usually 2 weeks and then make-up can hide any bruising, but 4 weeks of recovery time is customary.