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Male Breast Reduction Danville

Young men can develop enlargement of their breast tissue during adolescence that resolves spontaneously without any intervention. This can be a natural part of development. In some cases however, the breast tissue does not regress and remain enlarged on one or both sides. This tissue can be painful and cause significant embarrassment in sport activities and daily living. Older men can also develop enlarged breasts which is usually but not always associated with weight gain as they get older. In a young man, the breast tissue can be removed and the surrounding tissue reduced with liposuction to flatten the skin against the pectoralis muscle and provide a more natural appearance to the chest.

Scars are minimal and well hidden and the skin will tighten as the swelling resolves without having to remove any excess skin, in most cases. The surgery is usually 1 hour under a general anesthetic and can be done as an outpatient in a fully accredited outpatient surgery center. The result can be dramatic for the patient and the benefit to their self esteem and ability to participate in sports activities is significant. For older men where the enlarged breasts are mainly fatty tissue, liposuction alone can produce reduction of the breasts and contouring of the chest area. Downtime is typically 1-2 weeks with exercise and lifting restrictions for 4-6 weeks.